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My submission for Ludum Dare 40. Theme: The more you have, the worse it is.


Ethereal is a game where the more light there is, the worse it gets. You play as a poor soul lost in a dark maze, trying to find his way out whilst avoiding ghouls.

Navigate by increasing the intensity of your light, but beware of light-sensitive enemies. If you retract fast enough, you might just get away.


Move with WASD

Increase/Decrease Light Intensity with Mouse Scroll Wheel (or M and N respectively on a laptop)


Music is off by default, as I felt it made the atmosphere more tense, but there is an option to turn it on.

You may want to turn the sound down a little in the Volume Mixer, sounds are a little loud (especially the scream).

If you're stuck on a particularly hard level, press P to skip it.

Have fun!



Install instructions

Download the .zip file, extract all files, and run the .exe file. It's that simple!


Ethereal--LD_Build.zip 6 MB

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